Shipping from Indonesia? Avoid These Items at All Costs

While in Indo4ward, we strive to make sure we can ship almost anything. There are some rules that we need to follow to make sure everyone else’s orders are safe and sound in its journey to you. 

Here are a few key concerns on what you cannot ship, so you’ll prevent yourself from the trouble and anticipation of your orders! Because there are many things that you can’t ship, we’re going to cover the top 5 items that YOU MUST know about!


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Shipping batteries has been a long-standing challenge, largely due to the significant fire hazard risk they pose. Despite their small size, batteries can be incredibly dangerous and have the potential to explode or catch fire during shipment. For this reason, batteries are classified as hazardous materials and are strictly prohibited from being shipped via air or sea. This includes any products or electronics that have batteries in it that are often rejected by shipping companies.

You will be asking, so how come products are still being shipped across the world with batteries in them? To simply put it, batteries require heavily augmented packaging. On top of which, there needs to be regulatory standards and certification from the origin in order to shop batteries. Hence, most products shipped into your country are likely approved in batches which reduces the cost and time spent to get them into the retail shelves. 

Sharp Weaponaries

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Indonesia has lots of very exquisite swords and knives, and this is something we ought to clear up the fog a bit on whether such weaponry is able to be shipped across the world directly from Indonesia.

Yes and No, reason being different countries have different regulations in what constitutes a weapon or as a display artefact. In Singapore, ceremonial swords like the Kirpan will be prohibited if its blade is longer than 12 inches or 30 cm in length (Singapore Police Force. June 2020).

While there are many countries that Indo4ward helps customers buy from Indonesia, it is very important that our customers are familiar with what’s prohibited to be received in your country. Do note that domestic shipping regulations differ with cross border shipping regulations.

Drugs, Weed, Bio-chemicals

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Drugs, Weed or any Bio-chemical compounds are strictly forbidden in any shipment. This applies even when your country or state permits the use of such substances. Because of the sensitive nature that shipment has to cross different countries where many countries and shipping vendors have a very strict policy that regulates such categories of products..

At Indo4ward, we prioritise the safety and well-being of our customers. As a result, we have a strict policy against drugs, weed, and bio-chemical substances. We will reject any order that we suspect may pose a potential risk to our customers which is in line with all our shipping vendors.

Flammable Aerosols

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It will be a shame if something happens to the entire shipment. Because flammable aerosols are similarly risky to batteries, it is strictly prohibited due to its jeopardising risky nature.

Similar to how batteries are being shipped, it will require much augmented packaging and time spent to process them for shipment. This resulted in many shipping companies rejecting such orders.

Fresh/Wet produce

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Our top priority is ensuring that the items we send to you arrive in the best possible condition. Unfortunately, during shipping, items can be exposed to a variety of conditions such as high temperatures, humidity, or prolonged storage that can cause fresh or wet produce to spoil or go bad. To avoid this, we highly discourage shipping wet or fresh produce that is susceptible to spoilage. We want to provide you with the highest quality products possible and will do everything in our power to ensure that your order arrives in excellent condition.

Not only would it reach you spoiled, it will also invite pests across the globe that would have been a huge mess to resolve if processed or opened in your household. So if you’re actually thinking of buying vegetables or fruits from Indonesia, we urge you to not do so.

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