A word on our orders – How you can manage your orders effectively on Indo4ward

Managing your orders on Indo4ward need not be difficult to understand if you understood how Indo4ward operates. So to ensure you’re a master of using Indo4ward, here’s something you ought to know!

Indo4ward is not like any other marketplace

As the title suggests, Indo4ward stands out as a distinctive combination of a marketplace and a forwarder. While we don’t own the products ourselves, we provide a platform where you can conveniently purchase these products. Think of us as your purchasing broker, serving as a significant representative of the diverse range of Indonesian goods available.

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Buying from Indonesia can be difficult when sellers are just inconsistent.

You’re right about that! In fact, Indo4ward understands the difficulties dealing with sellers first hand. We have been processing thousands of orders, and we have seen many issues arising from out of stocks, fake products to shadow sellers and many more.

It’s hard to manage many changes, hence, we believe that our transactions require a 2-way communication between the customer and Indo4ward. We get that email is something that’s often neglected. That is why we have integrated an individual chat support for every single order. 

We want to make sure that your concerns with the orders are addressed immediately and professionally by our team. All you have to do is to scroll down on your order page, and you’ll be able to interact directly with our chat support team. This is a dedicated chat line for your order, for you, to clarify matters of the order.

What about items that hasn’t been moving?

Don’t worry if your order hasn’t been moved or processed, it can very well be that our team is gathering the necessary information to process your order. This can be certification, clarification on product, or facilitating sellers’ arrangement to make sure the product is correct when it reaches you.

Generally, the rule of thumb is that most orders are often processed within 2 business days. If it does take longer than a week, with no noticeable reasons feel free to reach out. But it can likely be because we’re gathering more information before we process your order. So, fret not!

I’m moving, and I need to change my address!

Don’t worry, in cases where you need to change your address, we advise you to do it at your soonest. Ideally any change of address before the order gets shipped to you is free of charge. 

But once it’s been shipped or enroute to you, that’s where things get much trickier. This is because a change of address is a chargeable service at SGD45 (subject to changes).

So if you’re anticipating a change of address, please do so at your earliest convenience!

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My order isn’t complete or it’s missing something!

Representing the whole of Indonesia eCommerce, Indo4ward strives to provide the best of service to every customer as well as completing their orders. However, there might be some mistakes that will still happen. For that, we often make sure that our customers are rightfully compensated.

Though there are cases where the products are clearly indicated to you, which Indo4ward will not honour because of multiple attempts to contact or indicate to you during your purchasing journey. For that, we urge that you reach out to us via the Support Chat on your order to explore alternative arrangements.

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So what happened if I made a false fraudulent claim?

At Indo4ward, we prioritize creating a fair and trustworthy shopping environment for all our customers. In the rare event that we uncover any fraudulent activity or misuse of our platform, we take immediate action to maintain the integrity of our services. This includes revoking access and implementing a ban on all future Indo4ward orders for customers who attempt to exploit the system. 

Our commitment to supporting Indonesia means that we strive to ensure a level playing field for all users, fostering a transparent and secure platform that you can trust. We sincerely appreciate the support from our genuine customers and remain dedicated to contributing to the growth and prosperity of Indonesian sellers in Indonesia.

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