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From unique coffee in Indonesia to navigating through the Coffee world. We gathered around research findings into 1 place to better equip you on what you need to know about Coffee!

Indonesia is one of the biggest coffee producers in the world, it is also the place where Kopi Luwak (bonus segment) is very popular. But to navigate around your coffee purchase, it may sometimes seem confusing, especially when you see many options in your Supermarket (FairPrice, Cold Storage, Giant and what not).

Arabica or Robusta

Coffee is generally split into 2 main segments. Arabica and Robusta.


“But what about white coffee? FairPrice sells them leh, they not considered a type of coffee?”

Well, white coffee is just a way people roast their coffee beans. Not necessarily it is a type. The type of coffee beans still comes down to the 2 variants. Arabica and Robusta. Much to what you may be able to Google, you’ll probably be reading the same thing in the following segment.


Arabica beans are known to be the most consumed coffee today, with up to 75% of the coffee we drink being Arabica (Source: WeAreLittles). But why it’s so popular today, isn’t just because it’s a little tat bigger than Robusta, but it’s packs a flavour that we most fancy. Which is to have a sweet and complex flavour that we can drink straight out.

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Likely the last coffee you had would probably be from an Arabica bean!


If you think the amount of Caffeine (or Awake Juice) to be much lesser on the Robusta because of its size, you are definitely WRONG.

Robusta, making up the leftover population drank by the coffee drinkers, is known to be much more affordable and stronger. Because of its bitter flavour, it is also commonly used in packet coffees and coffee that’s mean to brighten up your day like a cup of Espresso!

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Coffee Grinds in Indonesia

Different types of grinds and finest level creates a different taste, whether it is under or over extracted, an article that was very well documented by HomeGrounds is worth checking them out!

Grind sizes can be generally classified in the following:

Coffee Beans Produced by Region in Indonesia

Because of the geographical location of Indonesia, it provides a near ideal for coffee production (Source:

Some places of Coffee regions can be seen in the table below:

Table of Beans Commonly Produced in Indonesia

Coffee Variations

Of course, coffee comes in all types of mixture. Just like our party cocktails, Coffee cocktails can be as exciting as well!

Bonus — Kopi Luwak (Civet Coffee)

Have you ever heard of coffee beans having to be digested or “pooped”? Well, Kopi Luwak is just that. Being one of the most sought after coffee beans in the world, it doesn’t just come without its USP (unique selling point). Coffee beans are to be required to be eaten and digested by an Asian Palm Civet, and because of the unique fermentation process, it is also known as the most expensive coffee beans around the world.

It is said that such civet coffee beans are richer in taste which was enhanced by the fermentation process of the cat.

Civet Cat
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In any case that you would like to try, you can always head to Indo4ward for your Indonesia Coffee replenishment!

Written by Glenn Ng (Founder and Manager of Indo4ward)

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