3 Unique Indo Coffee

A cup in the morning, a cup during the day, and maybe one for the evening to keep yourself going. You may have drunk a lot of this delicious beverage, but have you tried these unique types of coffee?

Indonesia — Just in anywhere in the world, coffee have been a drink we could not miss. Right when we start our day or simply a drink over your next lovely date. It is a drink we all know and cherish, or maybe even burning the midnight oil to write this!

Did you know — Indonesia is the world Fourth Biggest Coffee Producers in the world? With over 660,000 metric tons of coffee produced in 2019 (660 Million KG), can you imagine how much coffee that is? Being the Top 4 producer of the world, there must be great coffee coming from Indonesia.

So while we read on, what’s better than to reinvigorate our usual coffee taste with these creative yet innovative unique flavored coffee drinks from Indonesia. A new taste, and a whole new world perhaps? Here are 3 Unique coffee you can get from Indonesia via Indo4ward:

  1. Durian Coffee

During the season of durians, how can we miss out the King of Fruits Coffee? With how big of a fan of this fruit from Singapore and Malaysia, Durian Coffee is something you definitely must try.

With the Durian Syrupy aftertaste, both the coffee and durian doesn’t overpower each and has a good unique flavor. With the creamery sugar enhancer (as a substitute of sugar) of the durian in the coffee made it more to a flavorful blend of goodness. Of course, if you never was a fan of Durian it would be obvious to avoid this drink.

Did you know that durian coffee is also a drink to improve virility and libido here in Indonesia?

2. Yogyakarta Joss Coffe (Flaming Hot Charcoal Coffee)

Ever find yourself neglecting your coffee at a corner and realised it went stale and cold? Not if you have a Flaming Red-Hot Charcoal dipped right into your coffee!

Introducing to you the Yogyakarta Joss “Charcoal” Coffee. Started in the 1960s from its differentiating factor, by dipping a Red-Hot charcoal into your coffee beverage. Promoted as a form of Gastrointestinal alleviation (not medically proven), it started trending up until today.

With a burnt sugary taste into a Kopi O, it doesn’t taste all that bad? Perhaps if you’re interested or seeking your next bucket list item, look no further.

3. Kopi Jahe (Ginger Coffee)

Source: Dapur Ocha

Bringing your next level of JOE (Coffee) to a whole new Tastevel (Taste-level). You may have heard of ginger tea, but why not try ginger with your Coffee?

Indeed it is what Indonesian have done, chucking in Ginger, and many other ingredients like lemongrass, cinnamon and cardamom to enhance the flavor of your coffee. Similarly to how ginger tea provides health benefits, Ginger Coffee also praise itself to ward off cold and fatigue through a spicy after taste of this drink.

So what are you waiting for? If it’s coffee you want from Indonesia, Indo4ward is the place to visit! With accessibility to all Indonesia Marketplace products and Official Merchants, you can get all you need from Indonesia from Indo4ward.

Hany Jasmine
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